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Our expert team is ready to support you in the midst of emerging crisis.

Wandering Traveler


Our products are designed to keep you safe and informed.

Our primary objective is keeping people, families, communities and businesses safe. We provide expert insights and solutions on security trends, response plans and personal safety using our wealth of data and technology resources.


It's not enough to know where your assets are, you need to know what's going on around them.

Our on-shore and off-shore fleet tracking services helps our partners monitor their people and assets to stay ahead of impending risks. We minimise supply chain risks by plotting safe travel routes, route changes on real-time data and proximity to response services.


Advertising strategy

Reaching customers in developing countries can be challenging due to data fragmentation.

We help new and existing actors achieve maximum reach by understanding consumer mobility across geographic space. Use insights from this data to maximise the number of eyeballs for your Out-of-Home marketing campaigns.

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