Pulse does not wait for you to act. Our intelligent technology constantly monitors threat levels to take real-time decisive actions for you.

Pulse offers more than alerts, reports and mapping; it truly understands your immediate needs and deploys appropriate responses from our toolkit. 


Very Low

Stay Alert


Get Out

Check In

Check In provides robocalls of location-specific incidents that require your people's attention. Check In uses key questions and phrases to give real-time and hands-on support to your personnel.


This feature uniquely allows you to easily verify the safety condition of multiple people during crises.


Call AI

Call AI is our intelligent web call feature. It gives you direct access to our directory of over 10,000 verified location-based emergency response contacts.

Call AI ensures that your people are always protected in new and unfamiliar locations.



Verify helps actively combat the spread of fake news; which has the ability to stifle and delay responses to incidents. Refer real-time events to our trusted and constantly growing community for verification prior to taking any action.

Always have confidence in the information that your organisation is acting on. 


Trail is an auto-activated time-bound tracker.  People and assets located within areas tagged as high-risk can be monitored more closely to help mitigate risks and support effective response. 

Ensure you are always able to protect your people and assets, even as the risk profile of their environment remains dynamic. 



Asset gives you the ability to geo-fence your organisation’s most valuable property on a map; ensuring you are always aware of the risk situation of their locations. 

Remain well ahead of impending risks approaching the assets you care most about.


Check Up

Check Up is a Safe Word-protected chatbot. It is an on-the-go solution that provides updates and ensures response activities keep up with evolving scenarios.

Communicating with your people during crises has never been easier or more secure.


Are you ready to improve your business resilience?



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