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Towntalk Solutions and Amarante Nigeria; Partnership on data and real-time security intelligence.

Towntalk Solutions, a data intelligence company, and Amarante Nigeria, a security consulting firm with headquarters in France, have formally announced a partnership to provide better services in the delivery of real-time and data-driven security services.

The partnership was announced at an event with industry stakeholders, themed “Nigerian Elections 2023: Monitor, Prepare, Respond”, held at the Nordic Hotel Event Hall, Victoria Island, Lagos on the 24th of October 2022.

At a time when corporate activities and the political landscape in Nigeria remain subject to pervasive insecurity, banditry, community confrontations, and insurgency, the partnership will give businesses the tools required to ensure proactive security. Businesses with limited access to verified data about current events are currently restricted in their ability to proactively respond and ensure the safety of lives and the security of businesses.

Speaking during the event organized to give clients and potential customers first-hand experience of the products and services, Chief Executive Officer, Folake Edun, said, “A lot of traditional companies now realize the importance of technology. We must be able to provide services as quickly and as efficiently as possible to clients, especially with regard to security. An incident’s occurrence now and a six-hour delay in notifying of that incident would be too late. With technology, however, we can provide information in real-time to save lives. That is why it is very important for the industry to have partnerships like this, to enhance security services to clients. We have been around for four years now and have built a database across six countries in Africa which includes about 50,000 data points mainly around security".

The partnership will see Amarante Nigeria pool its expertise in security and business risk consulting with Towntalk’s experience in data analysis, intelligence, and artificial intelligence design, to provide better services to Amarante's clients.

Speaking on the partnership and its impact, Oladisun Vera-Cruz, Chief Operating Officer, Towntalk Solutions, said, “The partnership will bring a lot to both companies, firstly for Amarante, as a French company, seeking to expand its operations in Africa. Technology will play a critical role in scaling and delivering best-in-class services, which is what Towntalk offers. As a fast-growing tech company, Towntalk will benefit from Amarante’s network, which will further enable us to improve our products. It is mutually beneficial. We look forward to the impact we can both achieve together".

Commenting on how security solutions can help with real time security information during elections, he continued:

"What we saw today is what is possible when Towntalk and Amarante come together - Amarante provided the analytical expertise using Towntalk’s technology and tools given a specific business use-case - the elections. This is a testament to the possibilities of this partnership to address a real problem for businesses and individuals in Nigeria - which is understanding the daily risks and the adequate response i.e. who to call or where to go for help. Right now, our solutions cater to the business community, but as we gather more data and have more people engage with us, it will become a solution on which every Nigerian can depend.”

Towntalk has gathered about 10,000 emergency respondents across Nigeria, from police to tow trucks, hospitals, and even mechanics on the road, which allows the company to push relevant information and recommendations to its users, especially at the last mile.

In his own remarks, Managing Director, Amarante Nigeria, Michael Vetro, said that the essence of the partnership and event was to inform stakeholders about the existing security challenges, using intelligence reports, as well as safety measures available within the specific case study. He added, “Over the last 13 years, we have studied, assessed and analysed security risks in countries and offered technical assistance in high-risk areas. In our work, we predict a situation and advise our clients on the relevant response. With Towntalk Solutions on our side, and its technology tools, which leverage data and artificial intelligence to mitigate security risks, both companies can bring value, proffering solutions to some of the security issues and giving businesses and individuals the opportunity to make good decisions for their safety”.

With over three years of operating expertise and a dynamic algorithm to monitor security occurrences, Towntalk Solutions enables Amarante Nigeria to offer three broad packages directly to Amarante’s clients - basic, medium, and gold subscriptions, including its proprietary

flagship tools, Area! Mobile, accessed via a mobile app or WhatsApp chatbot; Area! Insights, the dynamic reporting dashboard; Area! ERP, the active security management tool; as well as other security management add-ons. This partnership with Amarante Nigeria will be the first of its kind, as stakeholders consolidate efforts to address Nigeria’s security challenges.


Towntalk is a data intelligence company that builds advanced technology using hard-to-collect local data, captured in real-time. The company‘s localized solutions deliver real-time insights to support proactive risk mitigation.

Towntalk supports the proactive protection of individuals and businesses by deploying its artificial intelligence tools and community-based approach to gather, verify, analyze and distribute data and insights on ongoing incidents to organizations.

Instagram: @towntalksolutions

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