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Active monitoring

Map your assets and people and actively track and monitor them in real time, understanding at any point in time what the location-based risks they face are and how vulnerable they are to them.


Real-time intelligence

Constant and real-time intelligence gathering and verification to feed into your risk analysis, strategic decision making, as well as integration with your services directly to clients, including alerts, reports and journey management.


Control room assistance

Integrate our data feeds and intelligence with your existing control room operations to enable effective communication and feedback with clients and your response network.

Why use our platform?

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Expand intelligence network

Be an active member of a growing community of intelligence sources across Nigeria (and beyond)

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Automate service delivery

Be an active member of a growing community of intelligence sources across Nigeria (and beyond)

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Focus on value added services

Reduce time spent gathering, analysing and verifying intel and focus energy on value-added services for clients

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Real-time oversight of security landscape

Live point-in-time views of security incidents on a map; allowing you to understand your operations’ and clients’ vulnerabilities as incidents evolve.

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Become a tech-enabled company

Our “plug-and-play” infrastructure allows you to digitise your operations and deliver tech-driven solutions to your clients without the risks and costs of developing internal technology capabilities

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Directly improve your bottomline

Our technology allows you to scale profitably, enabling you to cover more locations and reach more clients with minimal amount of effort.

Join the industry leaders working with us


Created in 2007, Amarante is one of Europe’s leading security providers. We strive to help our clients secure their assets by making sure they develop in the right conditions, even in the most challenging environments

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ASIS International is the world's largest organization for security management professionals. The organisation issues certifications, standards, and guidelines for the security profession on security operations, security management and investigations


Halogen is Nigeria's largest physical security provider with 30,000 personnel and over 1.5km of road network travelled daily. Halogen serves the largest 100 companies in Nigeria

Grow your revenue with Towntalk

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