Frequently Asked Questions

What is Area! app?

Area! is an app that keeps you safe by providing you with key location-based  information and guidance. 

What can I do on Area!

You can post any incident in your area, verify and comment on other people’s posts and track updates on incidents. Area! also allows you to access the nearest emergency service and send SOS messages to pre-registered contacts.

Where does the information on Area! come from?

All information on Area! comes from YOU. Please, share any events you encounter to keep you and your community safe.

How can I trust the information on Area! ?

Area! has a very transparent way of verifying all information posted on the app which is driven by its users. We also make it very clear to all users which information has passed our verification threshold and which are still in progress e.g. all verified information is labelled as ‘verified’.

Does Area! work without internet data?

Yes, Area! gives you up to 100 mb per month of free internet data to use on the app. So, you’re never left stranded. This free data will be activated whenever you run out of an active internet bundle.

The emergency service didn't respond. What do I do?

Area! only helps to connect you with the emergency service provider. However, we understand that some may be inefficient or unresponsive. To help improve our recommendations, kindly call our toll free line on 08000767767 after using the “Get Help” feature to give us feedback.

I'm in an emergency, what can I do?

First, go to the “Get Help“ page to search for the relevant emergency service. Or, hold the thermometer on your app for 5 seconds to send SOS messages to your pre-registered contacts.

There's a thermometer on my app, what does it mean?

Green means your area is ‘safe’, yellow means ‘stay alert’ and ‘red’ means ‘danger, take precaution’. Anytime you feel unsafe, contact an emergency service or hold onto the thermometer for 5 seconds to contact your pre-registered SOS contacts.

What are Area! points?

Area! Points are awarded for credible participation on the app and are convertible to rewards. You’ll be notified of your prizes which can be redeemed from your Account menu.

What are Area! levels?

There are three levels on Area! - Area! Player, Area! Master and Area Champion. You accumulate points and progress through these levels by actively participating in Area!’s trusted community.